Youssef Dib

Youssef Dib

Birth 08/12/1992
Age 29
Debut 27/11/2015
Stance Unspecified
Residence Sydney, NSW
Nationality Australian

Youssef Dib is a 27-year old Australian pro boxer out of Sydney, NSW, currently enjoying an unbeaten 14-0 record in the super lightweight division. He is the younger brother of world champion Billy Dib and cousin of another world champion Billel Dib.

The younger Dib turned pro in 2015 and debuted with an impressive KO win. Youssef went on a winning spree and defeated 13 more opponents from 2016-2019, 6 of which were knock out victories. One of the most impressive wins he had so far was against Wachana Khiaoon of Thailand in February 2017. He won with a technical knockout at the 2:40 mark of the second round.

Another impressive win by Youssef was against Ty Gilchrist in December 2018. At the end of the 2nd round, Gilchrist conceded in his corner and Dib won the match via TKO. In 2019, Youssef displayed his excellence in the ring once more and beat three opponents in a row, two via way of knockout.

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